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Ruby Callahan

Highlighted Projects

These three highlighted projects focus on three different areas of educational and career background. While this does not showcase all of the work that I have done, it does specifically highlight three more developed areas. Feel free to ask questions about the work done through the contact page.

The first project highlights my academic writing skills that have developed over the last four years at the Uiversity of California, Santa Barbara. It features and excerpt from an essay on popular romantic comedy Legally Blonde.

The second project focuses on my design skills developed during the Professional Writing Minor. Featured is a fictional brand "lookbook". This mock-up details the color scheme, fonts, and desired aesthetic of a fictional lifestyle brand.

The third project is a selection of social media posts from a previous company of employment. Posts from June-August 2018 were written and photographed by myself. I increased the ELC_UCLA brand's following by nearly double the amount since I started the position.

  • Date:February 2084
  • Skills:Branding, Media, Academic Writing

Interested about hiring me? Go ahead and talk with me on the contact page. I'll be pleased to answer you within a few hours.