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May 1st, 2019 Ruby Callahan

Graduate School

Big news! In the fall of 2019, I will be attending George Washington University to begin my MA in Media and Strategic Communication! While I am there, in my first year I will be working as a research assistant and TA for the school. While this is a huge step for me, I am confident that this move will help further my academic and career interests.

My previous research, while interesting, was not my passion. I enjoyed learning about the biological reasonings behind stereotypes, but my focus in school had been on interpersonal communication, especially within a media context. While not all of the focus at GW is on interpersonal, my own curriculum will reflect both my academic and career desires. I plan on continuing my education by getting a PhD, but I plan on using my time at GW to further develop my passions and research focuses. The decision to move across the country to pursue an opportunity was terrifying. How will I know if this decision will even work for me? However, it ultimately came down to comfort vs. growth.

It is easy to make comfortable decisions- and not all of those decisions will be bad. But it is far more difficult to make an uncomfortable decision with the very public possibility of failure. However, no one would grow without those choices.

Making uncomfortable decision help us grow and change. I know at some point next year I am going to be freezing cold, frustrated, and upset with myself that I no longer live in warm sunny California. If I didn't make this decision, I know I would continue to make easy choices that didn't make me uncomfortable and push my boundaries. I look forward to giving updates on my research and my life.

Ruby Callahan

Student, writer, crafter, nerd, and explorer are all important components to what makes me, me. An undergraduate with a passion for Communication, I try to learn something new every day.

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