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April 2019 Ruby Callahan

What's New with my Design!

I currently have a ton of different design projects that I am working on as I wrap up my time at UCSB! In writing, I'm focusing on web design as well as a "brand" lookbook for myself.

My brand's "focus" heavily features a romantic color palette with a dash of dramatic greens and deep blues that represent my wild side. Developing a color palette and branding scheme allowed me the freedom to be creative and explore the impacts of color on marketing and meaning.

While my brand's current focus is a lifestyle brand, in the future I expect my brand's focus to change as my academic focus and writing changes to reflect where I am in my academic career. However, I still think that the tone and color of this brand should and can represent a serious academic. While it is more traditionally feminine, nothing about the color's, tone, or design take away from the written content it represents. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to transition a brand's focus!

Ruby Callahan

Student, writer, crafter, nerd, and explorer are all important components to what makes me, me. An undergraduate with a passion for Communication, I try to learn something new every day.

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